Thursday, 5 July 2012

Headed to Edinburgh for OR2012

In just under 7 hours I'll be stepping on a plane. 25 hours of flying (countless more sitting around at airports in transit desperate for a shower) and 16, 315 kilometers later I'll touch down in Edinburgh. And it'll still be the same day I left Brisbane! After a short recovery, I'll be going to the Open Repositories conference (OR2012) at the University of Edinburgh. There are over 400 people registered and the agenda looks terrific. I'm looking forward to the 'buzz' as people who work with each other across distances meet up in person. On Monday morning, I'm heading to the Digital Curation Centre to meet up with some DCCers, and in the afternoon, I'll be going to a workshop chaired by Jackie Wickham from the Repositories Support Project. I'm a bit of a fan of her work and I'm looking forward to catching up with her and Dominic Tate from UKCorr for lunch. On Wednesday I'm presenting on Griffith's Data Evolution Journey (the Research Hub) and then on Thursday I give a Pecha Kucha on the Party Infrastructure Project. The latter was pretty tricky to nail down in such a short presentation time - hopefully it will roll smoothly. This is a new blog spot for me, a break away from my ANDS Gold Standard Project blog and over the week of the conference, I'll be using it to share the ideas and excitement that OR2012 generates. Scotland, here I come!
- Natasha

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